Date: 04/20/2024
Against the background of controls and restrictions imposed on Germans and Italians living in the United Kingdom at the start of World War 2, four Anglo-German siblings are taken from their home in London and...
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People of the Book Part One: Masada Scroll by Paul Block Robert Vaughan

Date: 03/07/2024
In the great tradition of classic novels like The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas and, more recently, Christ the Lord by Anne Rice and Stone Tables by Orson Scott Card, The Masada Scroll is bold...
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Ghost Stories by Alex Parra

Date: 08/04/2022
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – And These Stories Would Tell You Why.Have you ever felt a sudden drop in temperature around you?Have you ever experienced a strange, soft voice whispering in your ears?Do you...
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Date: 06/01/2022
A Downmarket Hotel. A Moral Campaigner. A woman who had killed her husband. Both Dead. Both Compromised. On the bed, the naked bodies of a man and a woman. ‘Bullet in the head’s not the...
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