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Forbidden Road by Reut Barak

Date: 02/01/2024
Free on Kindle Unlimited: epic love ♥ college romance ♥ time travel ♥ magic A powerless witch. An injured knight. Can two college students stuck in the past defeat a traitor who would destroy their...
Date: 01/05/2024
Has life dragged you from the safe, the familiar? Are you adrift and lost in circumstances that are alien, frightening, unnerving? Are you fearing the next step? Yes? Then may I offer you my hand...
Date: 01/03/2024
A Village Boy's Global Journey is the remarkable journey of a village boy who defied all odds to travel and experience the World that many only dreamt of. Born in a remote village in Kenya,...
Date: 01/02/2024
The Butterfly wings are ready to fly but Matilda Fellowes, recently divorced from her narcissistic husband, has to heal from her narcissistic marriage that has left her emotionally and mentally broken from the abuse she...
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Scrapyard Ship – Uprising by Mark Wayne McGinnis

Date: 12/24/2023
Mollie Reynolds and Matt Briggs meet at a scrapyard and find a hidden spacecraft. They gather the rest of the crew and do their best to save humanity.
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Date: 12/14/2023
In 15th century England, there are two cousins, both the daughters of dukes, both widowed young, both the mother of sons called Henry.Both are named Margaret Beaufort.One Margaret’s son will be a future King.The other...
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Gods of the Underworld by John Lupton

Date: 12/12/2023
Hot on the bloody heels of Baghdad Heist, comes the second book in the Charlie Glass crime thriller series. Death and destruction await as FBI agent Charlotte Glass and her elite squad rush to protect...
Date: 12/11/2023
The world's worst life coach meets London's most clueless cop in a twisted comedy crime tale of heists, hitmen, and murder. After getting imprisoned for burgling his own home, Cuthbert Huntsman takes vengeance on the...
Date: 12/05/2023
Volume One of the Hotwife Stories Complete Collection shares what happens to each wife, Anna to Lacey. Anna, Barbara, Cheryl, Dana, Edie, Fanny, Georgina, Hannah, Ida, Jackie, and Lacey tell all.
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The Bowman Boys by D.W. Ulsterman

Date: 12/01/2023
A father and his four sons fight to survive and thrive during the time of Prohibition. The Bowman Boys is a raucous mix of action, mystery, and romance.