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Lost Boy by Dean Hamid

It was supposed to be quick, in and out. A put the tim down type of lick, that’s all. But it all went so very wrong…fast. Jabari had this crazy passion for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and making a helluva lot of wrong decisions. His homeboy paid a price for it with his life and Jabari ends up with two bodies on his hands.He needs to obtain money back that was stolen from a slick, ghetto, sheisty District Attorney, then find the only witness to the murders so he can have a clean slate. On top of it all, the witness also happens to be the one who’s found the money. But there are others stalking him, wanting the same thing, the money. Jabari needs to handle business fast before he too becomes the next victim or body, so he won’t be forever…lost. Get caught up with Jabari and turn the pages in this drama filled, action-packed novel written by the novelist ~Dean Hamid~
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