Date: 01/25/2024
Kyra is raised as a servant in a world dominated by beasts. She learns the way of survival alongside the children of royalty. When her family is given its freedom, she experiences life always on...
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$0.99 $4.99
Date: 01/04/2024
In a world where the Gods crave the Kingdom of Fire, a lone soldier with a hidden curse is its only hope. Born from a forbidden love, destined for revenge, she's suddenly allied with her...
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$0.99 $3.99
Date: 12/11/2023
USA TODAY & INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING SERIES Moody Dragons. Snarky Elves. Fierce Mermaids. And two unlikely heroes who are fated to save them all. Cole’s life is upended on his 18th birthday when he discovers his...
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Renegades Volume 1: Rise by Shawn Frost

Date: 09/22/2023
An intense action packed sci-fi fantasy super hero story set in an alternate dimension featuring giant robots, aliens with water-bending powers, and cyborg ninjas. As the world of Terra celebrates a new found peace following...
Free $2.99
Date: 08/24/2023
‘The Weight Of It All’ follows Terrence as he is gifted the power to view weight by the Goddess. In a world where people are gifted affinities for swords and fire, he is underwhelmed…but his...
$2.99 $15

Silently Comes The Night by Douglas Robinson

Date: 08/21/2023
Majken, a female vampyric person of indeterminate age, comes to Trenton seeking a new life. Appearing as a young woman, she chooses a college to live and a friendly young athlete to help her meet...
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Journey to Camelot by CT Magus

Date: 08/04/2023
To fulfill an ancient prophecy, Merlin sailed far over the seas of time to the twenty-first century, where he found five green kids, inexperienced but with great wizarding potential, and took them back to King...
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Harpy (Coven Book 1) by David Neth

Date: 07/24/2023
Saving him is their job, but it won’t get his victim justice. Samantha and Kathy are witches who protect the nonmagical from evil. So when they spot a coven of harpies targeting Mark, a nonmagical...
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$0.99 $4.99

The Yawning Gap by C.V. Vobh

Date: 07/20/2023
Invisible boundaries have isolated Cor's village for centuries. He accidentally finds a way out. What he finds outside is a violent and blighted world in decline. He learns that the entire world has been fragmented...
Date: 06/20/2023
The gods gave him six months to prepare for their twisted games. What he does next will surprise them all. The magical world of Volar is dying. To save themselves and their followers, the native...