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Date: 12/08/2023
Consistent prayer is crucial for a victorious life of spiritual growth and breakthrough, but many Christians struggle with it. In this book, the author shares the tools and secrets to help believers develop a healthy...
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Inspirational Values by Doreen Esijemine Aderonke Omaghomi

Date: 07/07/2023
Inspirational Values is an informative non-fiction self-help book that uses normal daily activities as a basis for my message. The main purpose is to be able to engage with and relate to other people's life...
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Date: 06/26/2023
In Crystal Garrett’s new book Beautifully Imperfect, she shares her journey of surviving childhood trauma to being an overcomer. This heartfelt book provides a step-by-step guide on recognizing and healing past wounds to find lasting...
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Date: 06/05/2023
A 30 day devotional for those who desire to be transformed and become more fruitful in their Christian growth.  There is a sad lack of maturity in the church world today.  Whether it is because...
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Date: 12/04/2022
Stop depriving yourself of true happiness, and learn how to finally have a real loving relationship with yourself.Do you constantly compare yourself to others and end up feeling bad because you always think someone else...
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Date: 07/27/2022
There are messages and signs around you all the time... Do you know how to interpret them and use them to light your path? Did your grandmother ever tell you to make a wish when...
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