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You’re The One by Layla Hagen

Hunter Caldwell has never encountered a challenge he can’t conquer. He’s built an impressive real estate business in New York, succeeding against all odds. He shatters every obstacle in his way…until now.He only has one option: asking for help the one woman who is off-limits…his best friend. It all starts as pretend… The first kiss is unplanned, but Josie surrenders to him instantly, driving him crazy. The second one is in front of his tight-knit family. They have to be convincing, but he’s not pretending at all. Her taste is addictive, the scent of her skin is intoxicating. On their first night together, he barely stops his fingers from pushing down the straps of her dress… Their second night is sexy as hell, intense and unforgettable. How can he stop the lines from blurring when all that really matters now is Josie?