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Your Forever Love by Layla Hagen

*This book is a standalone. Each book in The Bennett Family series follows a different couple.* I know what people say about me. Eric Callahan, ‘The Shark’. I own it. I’m a powerful man. My sharp business sense earned me that nickname. My façade is my armor. Underneath is where I keep the devotion I have for my daughter. Since her mother died, I’ve devoted my life to her. Expanding my business on the West Coast is one way to ensure I build the legacy she deserves. And that’s all I plan to do for our three months in San Francisco. Until I meet Pippa Bennett. I swear, I didn’t mean to start flirting with her. It was a complete accident. So was continuing. I can’t resist the pull between us any more than I can change the tides in the Bay. We have the same sense of humor, we have chemistry for days, and she’s as kind and sweet with my daughter as my family is. This is fast spiraling out of control.