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Twelve Days of Krista by Theodora Taylor

A lot can elfin' happen in 12 days... Get one old lady on one private plane to London--that's all British scion Hugh Edgeworth need do to secure a billion-dollar deal. That's all. But then Krista Kringle happens! Infuriating, yet inexplicably attractive, this mad woman claiming to be an elf with magical matchmaking powers wrecks not only Hugh's Christmas, but also his entire life! With his status quo in shambles, will Hugh be able to return to his old life in London? Or is his future about to take one elf of a turn? Find out what happens in this 12-episode rather romantic comedy! Perfect for fans of Hallmark movies, homemade cookies, and watching magical things unfold. READERS NOTE: This romantic comedy will only stick around until Valentine's Day. So get it now, while the magical lovin' is still warm!
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