Through Isabella’s Eyes by Beth Abbott

Beth Abbott wanted to create a book to help others recover from active addiction, whether recovering from addiction, mental health, or a toxic relationship. She wanted to give you some tools and advice and tell you some of the things that have helped her in a raw, truthful, and authentic way. She shows you the turbulent, brutal, heart-wrenching road to recovery. But as stated on the first page in the book: 'I'm just going to get it out of the way now. If you are part of the punctuation police or get offended by swear words or a bit of Brummie slang here and there, this is not the book for you. If I wrote a lardy dah book sugar-coating over life, then it wouldn't be honest, and it certainly wouldn't be describing the world of addiction, that's for sure. Writing the book was far, far more straightforward than editing it because the editor tool seemed to want to strip it of all its creativity and make it very informal, as though I was sending an email to a CEO. So, I started rebelling against it a bit in the end, and in a true addict style, said f**k you.' I will say 'actually' and 'like' one million times because I am a Brummie. On that note, true Brummie spells it MOM, not MUM, and that's final, aha. Beth has written and performed poetry for over twenty years, performed at places such as the Birmingham Rep, BBC Radio, Free Radio, and Black Country Radio. A poem she wrote on homelessness has been featured in a film nominated for a Royal Television West Midland award. Beth created an anthology of people's work in a book called Our Little Book of Hope. But never before has she written without the safety net of solely her poetry. This book is full of valuable tools, information quotes, mindful practices, and of course, relevant poetry. Fighting the system in a humorous but heartfelt way.
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