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The Subway by Dustin Stevens

Because forever is a really long time...For the last six years, Tim Scarberry called Portland, Oregon home. Placed there by the Witness Protection Program, he assimilated into his new existence , trying to gain some level of enjoyment from the life he never asked for...or wanted. A life that is completely destroyed by a single phone call, nothing more than a message telling him the last remaining tether to his old life was severed in a tragic and unexpected way. Having no choice but to abandon his adopted life and return to his roots, Scarberry finds himself dropped into a situation more harrowing than he ever dreamed. Allied with a single sheriff’s deputy—a young woman he knew only briefly in his youth fighting battles of her own—the two face a network of illegal gun runners, apathetic bureaucracy, and federal agency, ultimately squaring off with the very thing Scarberry’s been trying to avoid for so long…
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