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The Secret Santa Series Books 1-3 by Nikki Lynn Barrett

It started with a wish...The Secret Santa series brings to life the magic of Christmas through the innocence of a child's eyes. One wish sets forth a journey of self discovery, love, and forgiveness. A holiday series to read during any time of the year! This set includes the first three books in the Secret Santa series. The Secret Santa Wishing Well Six year old Ben's touching wish touches Jacob Winston's heart when he needs a little Christmas cheer himself. Who knew an unselfish wish would bring Jacob into the lives of Ben, his baby sister, and single mother Cheyenne Jensen. On the 12th Date of Christmas Robin Sorenson struggles to cope after a mugging left her vulnerable. When her ex-boyfriend Jonas Aimes returns, begging for a chance, she's cautious. Jonas asks for twelve dates to win her heart. Life gets in the way, but Christmas is the perfect backdrop for second chances. 'Tis The Season for Forgiving Eric Jensen made a lot of mistakes in his past, but he's working on....