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The Midnight Land I by E.P. Clark

All are born weak. Some become strong. A bold beginning to a series that explores gender, empathy, and the frozen north”--Kirkus “A riveting saga”—Midwest Book Review Honorable Mention, Epic Fantasy, 2016 Readers' Favorite Awards Honorable Mention, Fantasy, 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards After a life of unhappy luxury, Krasnoslava Tsarinovna (Slava to her friends, if she had any) is desperate to escape her position as the younger sister of the Empress of all of Zem’. When an explorer requests Imperial support for her mission to map the Midnight Land, the territory above the sunline, Slava asks that she be allowed to come along—and to her surprise, her wish is granted. As she travels North with her new companions, she encounters people from all walks of life, and also discovers that there is more out there than just the world of women. The spirits of the forest, and even the gods themselves, take an interest in her and her magical gifts, which manifest themselves as she journeys. Hoping to gain answers to her questions about her growing abilities, she goes in search of sorceresses, but instead of magical assistance, she stumbles into a plot, one she may not be able to avert—or want to. Combining high fantasy with enough snark to power a medium-sized country, The Midnight Land is a satirical, subversive story of female empowerment set in a magical, matriarchal Russian world. Reading order for the Zemnian Series: The Zemnian Series: Slava’s Story The Midnight Land I: The Flight The Midnight Land II: The Gift The Zemnian Series: Dasha’s Story The Breathing Sea I: Burning The Breathing Sea II: Drowning The Zemnian Series: Valya’s Story The Dreaming Land I: The Challenge The Dreaming Land II: The Journey The Dreaming Land III: The Sacrifice
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