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The Lullaby Man by Anni Taylor

A decade ago, The Lullaby Man preyed upon young girls in Tallman's Valley. He stole into their lives, whispered in their ears, spoke of love. Abby Wakeland was fourteen then. Now twenty-four, she's found the courage to tell her mother - Senior Detective Kate Wakeland - about what happened. The Lullaby Man was her teacher. What Abby reveals next will lead Kate down dark, twisting tunnels of discoveries that will blow this small town apart. Book 1: ONE LAST CHILD Book 2: THE LULLABY MAN Book 3: THE SILENT TOWN Questions and answers on the TALLMAN'S VALLEY DETECTIVES series: Is each book a standalone?: Absolutely! Each book has a complete ending and can be read as a standalone. But for a complete experience, it's best to read them in sequence. Each book will have a small clinghanger at the end that is not a part of the main story. There is an overarching background storyline running through all the books. Will the detective be the same each time?: The current series will all feature Senior Detective Kate Wakeland as the main character, right to the end of the overarching storyline.
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