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One family dealing with life and love while in the pursuit of normal. Skylar (Book 1) Shop owner Skylar Love and her family have lived on the same island her ancestors discovered several centuries ago. Her life isn’t perfect, but it’s hers. After dumping her lying, cheating boyfriend, she isn't surprised when her brother tries to bribe their best friend to take her out on a pity date. With plans to build a pharmaceutical lab on the Island and move back home, Multimillionaire Luke Tanner finally talks Skylar into a date. When the date goes south, and someone tries to kill them both, winning her heart takes a backseat to keeping them both alive while they figure out the mystery of who’s behind the threat. Declan (Book 2) Sherriff Declan Love is a straight arrow. Everything is black and white in his line of work. Using his ability of a human lie detector to catch criminals has made his professional life a piece of cake. So naturally when his sister’s best friend, Olivia Parks, starts to avoid his questions and is seen around town on dates with men he doesn’t know, he’s left with little option but to find out what she’s up to, if nothing more than to save her from the heartache sure to follow. Flynn (Book 3) Flynn Love knows a thing or two about women. When he loses a bet to his buddy and is forced to play tour guide and babysitter to the man’s little sister, he’s warned she can be a handful and is always attracted to losers. Flynn has one job: show her around her new home on Love Island and scare away the creeps while winning her over with his charm. Should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. Reed (Book 4) Reed Love is more than a computer genius and hacker extraordinaire thanks to his DNA. He enjoys the quiet of his life, so when his brother calls with a message about an encrypted thumb drive and going underground, Reed is tasked to find the one person that can help save his brother’s life.
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