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She needs to escape. He wishes to bring truth to light. But there is love waiting for them by the Lighthouse and it is about to set them free... Diana Douglass, daughter of the Earl of Winthrop, is desperate to escape the grim future others planned for her. After she is forced to marry her father’s loathsome partner she is left with no other choice but to flee, unaware of the shadows that haunt her every step... Oliver Evans, son of the Duke of Meriwood, has built a life as a lighthouse keeper. The peace of the sea has allowed him to pursue his passion for writing, and has shunned the attention of those who wish to harm him. When Diana starts working as a maid to his establishment, he finds her attention to be the most pleasurable distraction. Now, with both their identities in danger and uncertain of what the future holds, Oliver and Diana must find a way to unfold their complicated feelings if they wish to win a chance at happiness. But secrets never stay buried for long and the