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The Haunting of a Duke by Chasity Bowlin

A steamy Regency romance full of spicy thrills and spooky chills. Welcome to Briarwood Park, an English manor house filled with spirits, its halls stalked by a bloodthirsty madman, and a brooding duke accused of the most wicked crime of all... murdering his late wife. The Haunting of a Duke is perfect read for Halloween or any time of the year for those who like their romance served up slightly darker. Communing with spirits has been both gift and curse to Emme Walters. Now it's made her a killer's target. Emme knows why the Dowager Duchess of Briarleigh invited her to a house party--to investigate whether the duke, Rhys Brammel, murdered his wife years ago. But Emme never imagined she would fall in love with the brooding duke. Branded by society as a possible killer, Rhys is suspicious of Emme and her alleged "gift." Then a late night encounter creates awareness of her other, more attractive, aspects. When Emme's life is threatened, Rhys becomes her protector. Emme and Rhys find passion and peril as they join forces to solve the mysteries at Briarleigh. She made him believe in spirits, but can she make him believe in love? The Haunting of a Duke is the first of six book in the Dark Regency Series. Each book in this series contains gothic elements, occult or paranormal references, and steamy, open door sex scenes. Praise for the Haunting of a Duke: "Omg! Could not wait to get back to reading this book every chance I could! Love the love story/fiery romance and mystery all in one! Can't wait to read the next 5 books in the Dark Regency series!"—Amazon Review "This story was so good it really deserves more than 5 stars. I was hooked from page one, I love a good HR but this was so much more. Murder, mystery, ghostly goings on, not to mention the sizzling attraction between Emme and Rhys I could not put this story down." —Goodreads Review "Stumbled across this book bought as a freebie some time ago and decided... What the heck, let's read this without researching recommendations. BEST DECISION EVER!!! Totally enchanting. The mystery and ghost elements added intrigue without being too spooky for my Christian soul. Lol"—Goodreads Review "From the first paragraph to the last I was entrenched with this story of love and hauntings."—Amazon Review "A beautiful blend of historical romance with a dash of mysticism, this is not what I was expecting. From page one, we are thrown into a story that is immediately intriguing, spurring questions that demand answers."—Amazon Review "What can I say but I really enjoyed THE HAUNTING OF A DUKE. If you like a dark, hot Regency romance with murder and mystery, a brooding, lovable Duke, ghosts (good and evil) and a sweet heroine this book is for you."—Amazon Review