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It's nearly Christmas and thirty-year-old Maria Kesselring is down on her luck, unable to pay both her rent and her seafood restaurant's bills. Her troubles seem to wash away though when she receives an unexpected, overgenerous tip by a random customer. But little did she know how wrong she would be proved by the nightmare this night would turn into. Shock will hit her in waves when this same customer and his girlfriend are found brutally murdered on the beach right after leaving her restaurant... As one of the last people to see them alive, Maria is wanted for questioning, but she has some crucial questions of her own: who would hate this couple so badly to want them both dead? And who had been sending threatening letters to them before their death? What does any of this have to do with the mysterious figures of Bar Harbor, such as the reclusive heiress who owns the lighthouse, or the faceless silhouette that haunts Highway 1? The mystery thickens when another person is killed and Maria realizes the enormous danger she's placed herself into. Defying every police advice, she pursues her own justice. She scrambles to interview a motley collection of suspects and is shocked by the secrets she uncovers. With corpses piling up, Maria becomes obsessed with finding the vicious killer who has so far managed to elude the police despite such provoking crimes. Will she manage to expose the whole truth before the murder of another victim or will the killer get to her first? "The Harbor's Deadly Secrets" is an intriguing cozy mystery novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, just pure captivating mystery.
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