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The Dream Keeper by K.L. Hawker

The Dream Keeper delivers equal parts suspense, adventure and romance, in this riveting page-turner that kicks off a book series like no other. Abandoned when she was young, Sarah Marley knows little of where she came from, and less of where she’s going. But her life takes an unexpected turn when mysterious and handsome Luke arrives at Xavier High. Not only is there an unnatural attraction between them, but Sarah recognizes him from the vivid dreams she’s been having. Sarah begins to fall for Luke, despite the disapproval of Drew, Sarah’s long-time friend and crush. But as Sarah and Luke get to know each other, strange things begin to happen. Someone is after her, and Drew doesn’t hesitate to blame Luke. But is he just jealous? Regardless, Sarah has no intention of letting Luke slip away . . . even if it kills her. Amazon Verified Reviews for K.L. Hawker "I would place this book along side Teri Blackstock and Ted Dekker novels. Looking forward to more from this author." "Great book great plot a absolute page turner. You will want to read the other books in the trilogy." "I bought this book and I didn't have any expectations as I hadn't read anything from the author K. L. Hawker. What a pleasant surprise. This book was well written and great characters and plot! I couldn't put it down! This would be perfect for young teens and for those young at heart. :o) I checked out the authors website: [...] and it says Branded "Series" I cannot wait for the next one to come out!!!" "I just finished "Branded". Great book - I loved it! Really drew me in! I felt a roller coaster of emotions while reading it and I felt it ended on a high. That's what makes a good book for me when it brings me through an adventure and leaves me wanting more! If you have a teen/adult that likes to read good, clean but exciting fiction! Buy one for Christmas!" I bought it for my 12 year old daughter for Christmas and I wanted to read it first because she was in the middle of another book. I loved this book! I couldn't put it down until it was finished. Now, my daughter is reading it and she loves the characters. I cannot wait for #2!