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The Dragon and the Dreamwalker by Elizabeth Rose

He's a Pendragon. She's an elemental of fire. The Dragon: Drake Pendragon saves Brynn from being sacrificed to the dragon of Lornoon. He is shocked to see that fire does not harm her, and realizes she must be the Lady of Fire that the villagers fear and call a witch. He realizes she is just the person he needs to help him achieve his goal of slaying the dragon. The Dreamwalker: Brynn is half fae, and half human - an elemental of fire. While she gets her strength from fire and it cannot harm her, water weakens her and can destroy her. As she is being sacrificed to the dragon, a heroic knight saves her. She is happy until she realizes he is the infamous, feared man who is called the Dragon's Son. Drake and his men have stormed her castle, and now her parents are dead. While their relationship in the physical is rocky, by night Brynn is able to leave her body by dreamwalking on the astral plane. It is there that they meet as passionate lovers. In the morning, Drake has no memory of what they've done together. Or does he? Can two feared people work together to destroy the dragon before it is too late? Or will they be stopped by something that is even more frightening than the horrid beast?
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