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The Depths by Nick Thacker

In a hidden research station underneath five miles of ocean... ...Something lives. Jen's son has been kidnapped and her boss brutally murdered. She wants to find her son, and she wants the answer to one question: why? The answer lies deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean - in a forgotten research station buried under five miles of water in an oceanic trench. The station — a fully-functioning city — has been abandoned for over thirty years, and no one knows what they will find when they get there. Jen quickly discovers that there's something the station has been trying to hide. Something that could prove devastating to the rest of the world... Something that's alive. And wants to kill them. Will she save her son, or will they perish beneath the ocean? The Depths is an exciting, fast-paced thriller/horror hybrid that perfectly blends genetic engineering, deep sea adventure and exploration, military thrillers, and action-packed horror. Pick up your copy and start reading today!
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