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The Aria of Galvanize by Wilder Page

She was MADE to survive, she just doesn't know it yet!A hero born of cybernetic experimentation…Incarnate Number Seven, a cybernetically enhanced young woman with no memories and only a basic operating system, awakens to a devastated world painted in blood, desperation, and genocide. Guided only by a moody artificial intelligence program and scattered digital memories into the past, Seven must traverse the perilous Gateway region, fighting past its savage inhabitants and monsters to learn who she was and what happened to her world. Maybe, if she’s lucky, she’ll even save what’s left of humanity in the process… Rave Early Reviews!!!! This was an absolute delight to read! It's been a while since I've read a short science fiction novel that had me hooked from start to finish. The setting is beautifully explored with just the right amount of haunting and cruel undertones. I also really liked the protagonist and felt her responses in the different situations she faces were very realistic. I really hope there would be a second book in this series. -- TheDigressiveApproach This was absolutely wow, holy crap, fantastic, OMFG heck of read. It starts all creepy and with a bang and the pace doesn't let up even at the end. It is listed as Sci-Fi/Fantasy but I think it's safe to say it was a heck of a thriller too. Incarnate 7 (Seven) wakes up not knowing where and what she is as well as how she got there and why. People around her Incarnate 1-13 have all died horrific deaths and she is looking for answers with how to survive with the only communication being from a strange artificial intelligence that wants to be free to save them. Can she find the answers she needs to save herself and also save the world around her? I love the time frame in this book because it is set far into the future in a dystopian world that has evil creatures and cruel humans left. Are there more Incarnates like herself? This book doesn't let up from start to finish and hope the author writes a book two; I would definitely read it. Highly recommended. When the book is published, I want to buy a copy so I can keep re-reading it. It was that good. Thanks to Netgalley, Wilder Page and Books Go Social for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. -- Lisa K., Netgalley Reviewer The Aria of Galvanize is a refreshing dystopian with a lot of intrigue and action. If you are looking for a book with a strong female lead with great character development this book is for you. We follow Incarnate 7, a woman with cybernetic enhancements that wakes up in a facility with no recollection of her past or identity. The world she wakes up in is filled with mysteries, past political intrigue, great characters, and insane technology. As we get submerged into this world we realize how big and complex it is, with a past war that left behind ruin and hopelessness in the world that is, until I-7 wakes up. The topics in this book as so many and trying to make a small review with everything that the book encap
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