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Take a devastatingly handsome movie star who would rather be a rancher, add one feisty Australian writer who would rather sit at home with her books, and stir in a cast of wonderful friends who think they know what is best for the star and the writer. It all adds up to a crackling enemies-to-lovers romance that sweeps around the world from Hollywood and Montana to the wilds of the Australian outback. Abby Lane vowed never to return to Hollywood but her flamboyant journalist cousin convinces her to do one interview with the movie star Jackson Baron. From the moment Abby arrives late at the interview and faces his biting contempt, she is determined to put the man in his place. Their verbal sparring in consequent meetings has them intent on avoiding each other at all costs until a mutual friend throws them together. So much more than a romance - a journey of love, friendship, healing, family, and learning how to cope with life. A romance and a woman's transformational journey. No sweari