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Sinful Fling by Vivian Wood

My best friend’s little sister.That’s all I’m supposed to see when I look at Olivia. I may be wealthy, but I’m not good enough for her. Her brother and I have been best friends for years, and he doesn’t want me so much as glancing in her direction. I can’t blame him -- not when I’ve screwed every girl in a fifty-mile radius. But she’s another matter. I’ve caught the little glances she’s been sending my way for years, but now? This kid sister is all grown up… and she’s in the bedroom next to mine. We’re both on the Morgan estate for our own reasons; she’s got ambitions, I’ve got secrets in my past. She’s my full-blown obsession. I wonder how she’d moan if I took her roughly, how her innocent passion would make me feel alive. I think about how she’d sound when she breathlessly whispered my name. There’s a past between us. I may not care about my past or hers... But with so much history, can we make it work?
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