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International #1 Bestseller!2019 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Romance Winner! Voted Top 4 "Best Viking Romances" on Goodreads! "A fresh, gritty Viking romance filled with action and adventure." Under the fiery Middle Eastern sun, two enemy worlds collide. JARL, a powerful Viking leader, returns to the rich lands near the Caspian Sea at the helm of his magnificent new longship, The Treasure Huntress. His forces cut a wide swath through the land, taking everything of value—capturing or killing any who stand in their way. NENA, daughter of a regional war-chief, is an accomplished warrior in her own right. Proud, strong and fiercely disciplined, her tribe has dominated the territory for centuries, and they fear no opponent—certainly not the beast-like, invading Northmen. In the smoldering aftermath of a grueling battle, they find themselves in unfamiliar positions—Nena as a captive—Jarl wanting something he cannot have.
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