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My Backward Life by Claire Merle

Louise Doors has six days to figure her way out of a backwards time loop or she might vanish or go backwards forever. "An outstanding, mind-twisting read, filled with intrigue, excitement, romance and fun. This novel should be on everyone's to read list." 5 Stars - Sublime Book Review ***** From the B.R.A.G Medallion award-winning author comes a new, uplifting story about love, friendship, and second chances. The last thing Louise Doors remembers is collapsing on her way home from a gig and a boy trying to save her life. Now, six days later, she's woken up. But she's not in the hospital, she's at home, and it seems her life has gone on without her, except everything is messed up. Her best friends hate her, she's hanging out with a girl she barely knows, and a boy called Dylan wants to meet up to give her a letter. As it turns out, Dylan isn’t just any boy, either, he’s the guy who tried to save her. Soon Louise will find out exactly what's been going on in her absence because those missing days are happening again, only in reverse. While each day brings surprising revelations about her family and her friends, Louise draws closer to Dylan, hoping he can help her get her proper life back. But she doesn't anticipate falling for him, nor that these six days might be all she has left. After years of conforming to other people’s expectations, Louise finally has the chance to be true to herself—but only if she can reach out and grab it. "An emotion filled teen drama kissed with a paranormal twist... fans of David Levithan will certainly enjoy it." 5 stars - Indies Today ***** A breath of fresh air... I would definitely recommend My Backward Life to anyone who has read and enjoyed If I Stay by Gale Forman..." - Independent Book Review "Merle has written an excellent young adult novel... Let's hope Netflix snap this up." Poppy, NetGalley "I honestly couldn't put it down, desperate to know what will happen next (or technically before?) in the protagonist's life." Kat, NetGalley "I have read hundreds of books of every genre... This story is my new all time favourite." lornaj, Wattpad Reader "Once the story was over, I reread it, backwards, to savor the unfolding of events. " Aveline, book blogger. "I don't think I've been this interested and entertained in a very long time." _vixanne_, Wattpad Reader "This is an excellent novel about taking chances in a life that might just be backwards." Maureen, NetGalley "If you're looking for a unique, contemporary read with a twist, this is a really good choice." Alex, NetGalley "The plot is unique and fun... I would definitely recommend." Keerthanana N., NetGalley. Claire Merle won the B.R.A.G Medallion award for her YA fantasy "Shadow Weaver".