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Marked for Darkness by Raven Woodward

After the tragic car accident that stole her parents’ lives eleven years ago, Harlow gives up her steady teaching job to try to make a living full time as an artist in New York City.But from the moment she steps foot there, her life is in danger. From a chance meeting with a handsome stranger who seems to hold more secrets than truths, to an unsigned note attached with a key to her childhood home, it’s clear she should have stayed in California. But it’s too late to run. After a brush with death, she awakes in the clutches of the most powerful man on the east coast. Arian Kalvar. Despite the way he looks at her with loathing, he’s determined to protect her from those that hunt her. Her gorgeous, fierce captor plunges her into a world of magic, curses and wicked enemies. She is the heart of it all, and neither of them can deny the unmistakable connection between them. Three enemy factions. Two bonds. One curse. A steamy twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast. "I enjoyed everythin
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