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Give up the baby. Or become a mail order bride. Given away as a young woman to a cruel husband who died, leaving her to care and provide for an infant by herself, Anna Rockwell believes she has no other means of survival than to marry yet another stranger out west. When she meets Samuel Huwa, however, Anna’s life of heartbreak and fear is not over, yet. Samuel, a lumberjack with a heart of gold, lives with his younger sister and takes on Anna as his mail order bride. Samuel loves babies, and dedicates himself to helping Anna find joy again, falling in love with the complicated, mysterious woman in the process. When tragedy strikes, Samuel is forced to leave his new family in order to provide for them. Heartbroken, Anna realizes that she must discover a strength of her own in order to bring her husband home and repair their broken family. The question is, does she have the courage to do it? And will she find him in time, or will their love, like everything else in her life, have come too late?
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