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How will an Irish mail order bride fit in? Earn it. Lorna Faulkner never imagined that she would have to leave her beloved Ireland. But she is forced to pack up her things and take her little sister, Caitlin, across the sea to the land that has already opened its arms to so many of her people: America. When they arrive, however, they find themselves to be less accepted than they had expected. Engaged as a mail order bride to the handsome Peter Andrews, Lorna and Peter see their lives grow together in strange and expected ways. More so when Peter’s difficult past comes to light. With the couple’s townsfolk clinging to their prejudices and an unexpected boycott against Peter’s shop, Lorna must muster what she can to save her newfound family. Peter, in turn, must either confront his past or risk losing the woman who has stolen his heart. But will their love be enough to save them? Or will prejudice destroy lives?
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