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I’ll Never Stop by Jessica Lynch

Welcome back to Hamlet. It was supposed to be one date. After connecting on an online dating site, Grace Delaney agreed to go out with Thomas for coffee—and that was the beginning of the end for both of them. Thomas Mathers is rich, he’s smart, he’s arrogant, and, after one evening, he’s decided that the lovely ballerina is meant to be his. And because he almost immediately proves how obsessed he is by breaking into her home and leaving threatening gifts, she knows he’s not about to take Grace’s no for an answer. No matter where she goes, he finds her. In the seven months since they met, she’s been forced to move twice, change her number three times. The cops won’t help her. Her friends think she’s just being stubborn. Tommy would be good for her, they say. Tommy will never let her go. He stalks her, tracks her using his wits, his goons, and the best technology that money can buy. How can she escape him? Simple. By hiding out in a small town where there’s no phone, no internet, and a retired Marine turned sheriff’s deputy is willing to do whatever he has to in order to protect the frightened outsider. Rick Hart is a Hamlet local. He was born there, and though he spent the last nine years on the outside as a Marine, he knows he's going to die there. Unfinished business had him returning when his last tour of duty was up—only he never got a chance to finish it. Tired and alone, he keeps himself on the edge of their tightknit community... and that's when the lovely outsider blows into town and knocks him right off course. Grace needs help. That much is obvious. As Rick finds the dainty ballerina worming her way under his skin, making a home for herself in his heart, he starts to wonder about the trouble she left behind—and what will happen when it finally follows her into Hamlet. * I’ll Never Stop is a full-length novel (90,000+ words) set in Hamlet. Featuring characters from the previous entries in the series, as well as introducing a new heroine to the small town, this novel is set approximately a year after Don’t Trust Me and will bring the reader back to the cozy small town—where everyone knows your name and, even so, no one is safe.
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