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Hollywood Secret by Nicole French

Will Baker was a jerk.A chiseled, green-eyed, hypnotizingly delicious jerk. And like a bad penny, he just kept showing up. Crashed my bike? There he was. Flat tire? One more time. And yet he thought I was the one stalking him. Seriously. How paranoid do you have to be? But the more I got know my intense new neighbor, the more his hard shell cracked, revealing a soulful man starved for affection. A man whose secrets were eating him alive. Just like mine. He was broken. I was broken. But together we seemed whole. Maybe, just maybe, we could fix each other. If our secrets didn't break us first. Author's Note Hollywood Secret was originally published as Discreet, a steamy, 120,000-word celebrity romance from USA Today bestselling author Nicole French.
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