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Her Naughty Cowboys by Pepper Swan

Give yourself time to settle in with three full-length, standalone, reverse harem romances loaded with cowboys who are as comfortable in the saddle as they are in the bedroom. You don't want miss this set of hot cowboys waiting to be roped in! Book One - 3 Cowboys For The Bride I’m marrying the man of my dreams. That’s the problem. I’m in love with 3 men of my dreams. So, I ran . . . and they followed. We’ve been best friends since we were kids, and we’re still best friends. But can these rugged cowboys really be my lovers? It’s my biggest fantasy. They’ve been like brothers to each other, and now that I’ve made a mess of my life, I’m going to need their loyalty and friendship to get through the blizzard that’s swirling outside, and the emotions that swirl inside my head. Sparks fly when each cowboy vows to protect, comfort and shield me from my own misplaced guilt. Soon we’re sharing not only our beds, but our most intimate desires. Once the fire ignites, it’s impossible to put out and what happens next is sure to consume us all. Now that I’ve had all three of these cowboys, one cowboy will never be my happily ever after. Book Two - 3 Cowboys And The Virgin I’ve moved in with the cowboy of my dreams. Actually, I’ve moved in with 3 cowboys of my dreams. I’m so very bad. I’ve been waiting to lose my virginity with Mr. Right, but I may have waited too long. There are 3 Mr. Rights who want to protect me, guard me and love me. How can I ever choose? William is warm, witty and sinfully sexy. Oh, and did I mention he’s a billionaire? Joel is 100% alpha and will go to the mat for me. Kyle is a sweet-talking flirt who I’ve crushed on since we were teens. When the four of us have no choice but to move in together, we start a fire that can’t be put out and threatens to consume us all in its oh-so-hot blaze. Now all I want is another night with William . . . with Joel . . . with Kyle. Because truth be told, virginity is highly overrated. Book Three - 3 Cowboys For The Librarian Getting lost in a romance novel is my passion. Getting lost in a real life romance with three gorgeous cowboys… ecstasy! I’d had a one-night stand with Gunner Blackthorn a couple years ago that never went anywhere. He’d been too drunk to remember it, and I’d been too desperate to remind him. When he strolls back into my life in need of a cook/housekeeper out on his ranch I apply for the job after my hours at the library get cut in half. I knew there were two other cowboys living on Gunner’s ranch. What I didn’t know is how much I’d be attracted to all three of them. Rory, the big, brooding ex-military hunk, is working to get past his crippling PTSD. Kit, the sandy-haired, easy-going charmer, only wants to please me. And Gunner, my secret heartthrob, hasn’t had a real drink since our one-night stand. Soon I’m not only ordering in food, but I’m ordering in their affections. I learn rather quickly that all those books I’ve read about love and romance don’t compa
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