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Chyna Black thought she’d finally gotten her happily ever after. Her melanin is popping, her career has taken off like magic, and her love life is like something from a fairytale. After rekindling her love affair with Dame, he came back in her life, showed her how to move in a room full of bitches and swept her off her feet. When they met 20 years ago, she never knew the impact she’d made on his life. Because of her, Dame didn’t even know bitches. With him, she found her forever. His love was like no other. The stars in the sky were aligning perfectly. Then, within a blink of an eye, her dream became a nightmare. When the smoke clears, and the dust settles, will Chyna be able to hold on to everything she holds dear, or will she end up alone - all over again?Gray Rose and Gunz have two kids and a home together. You would think, after 10 years together, she’d have a ring too… but Gunz still isn’t ready for marriage. Maybe it’s because he’s always fly, stays in the cockpit and can’t stay out the streets. Gray is over trying to keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept and Gunz ain’t beat, she can jump off his dick. All it takes is one nigga to remind her that she’s bad as fuck, and that they’re a real nigga. After 11 years, four kids, a house and a dog, Mo and Boss finally got married. From the outside looking in, everything seems perfect, but Mo is secretly drowning. When she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t even recognize herself anymore. She used to have that up North glow, body looking like cinnamon, but between breast-feeding, soccer practice, ballet class, keeping house, a bitchy, loud-mouth mother-in-law and a husband who won’t keep his mama in check but constantly wants to fuck, Mo is five seconds away from putting everybody on the front porch. Can she keep it together without losing her sanity? Chyna, Gray and Mo are going through it, but with their girls, Meesa, Mina and Dylan by their side, they’ll go through their trials and tribulations with love, laughter, a few tears and style every time they touch the city - STOP IT!!  
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