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Every Ending Is A New Beginning (The Journey from Breaking Up to Moving On) is a must read for anyone who is dealing with the pain of a breakup or contemplating ending a relationship. Discover how to cope and move on after breakups by keeping things in perspective. When it comes to love and relationships most of us fail our way to success. Very few people hit a homerun their first, second, third, or fourth time up at bat. If this were not the case, we would all be married to our high school sweethearts! With each failed relationship, heartache, or betrayal we are presented with an opportunity to either craft or refine our mate selection screening process and “must haves list” for choosing our next mate. A breakup is confirmation a mistake was made in someone’s mate selection process. There is no amount of work or communication that can overcome being with someone who does not share your same values or want what you want for the relationship. No one is stuck with anyone. Suffering is optional. The goal is to have a soulmate not a cellmate. Here's what else you're going to learn inside: The three main reasons why couples break up Why you should beware of trial separations How to let go and move on Why you should enact the “no contact rule” after a breakup How to avoid romanticizing the past and focus on the future The breakup method for when you need to end a relationship New Beginnings - How to get back into the swing of dating again “Some people come into our life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons.” - Mother Teresa Kevin Darné is also the author of My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany), Online Dating: Avoid the Catfish! How to Date Online Successfully, and Pump Your Brakes! How to Stop Having Bad First Dates. Kevin's dating and relationship insight has been featured on WGN-TV Morning News Chicago, The Chicago Tribune,,,,,,,, Tinder,, Men',,,,,,, along with many other digital publications and radio appearances.
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