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Feisty lawyer Summer Rideau's troubled past has left her with a penchant for pain. And her fascination with twisted desires has led her to a strangled union with a charming convicted criminal. But she’s forced to flee to a safe house when their violent intimacy spirals dangerously out of control. Joseph “Scipio” Russo’s disastrous failed marriage has made him wary of baring his heart. And with an almost-adult daughter to look after, he’s happy enough being a perfectly kind and gentle role model. But when a gorgeous distressed attorney moves in next door, he can’t resist her pull. As Summer finds her neighbor’s soft-hearted charm soothing her own deep-seated wounds, she fears her sadistic ex could fly into a murderous rage if he sees them together. And though Scipio senses the stunning woman’s murky background could prove treacherous, he vows to step in before he loses the love of a lifetime. Will their fateful attraction only lead to more agony, or is this the healing they both need?
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