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Divorce from a Narcissist by BETHANY KEY

Are you in a relationship with a Narcissist ? Do you want start a new life ? If yes, then this is the right book for you! Divorces are hard, whether they involve a narcissistic partner or not. The easiest divorce on the planet is still hard on the emotions and involves a lot of looking back and wondering what went wrong. That doesn’t even take into account the uncertainty, the financial side of things, and the attempt to move forward with your life, without the so-called ‘safety net’ that your partner provided during your time together. A narcissist is the ultimate control freak, and that means they’re likely to have taken control of everything, meaning that you might need to learn a few new tricks in order to take back control of your life. In that case, this book will help you learn how to handle finances in such a situation, traverse your way around Internet banking, and learn about the bills you need to pay every month, change names of accounts, especially when you’re trying to build up your confidence and your sense of self-worth after coming out of a relationship that has been so emotionally abusive. This book covers: • Understanding and Defining Narcissism • Types of Narcissism • What Is Narcissistic Abuse? • Techniques to recognize Narcissism • How to deal with a Narcissist • How to Protect Yourself through the divorce proceedings • How to manage your finances • Secrets to help you move forward • The Path to Recovery Freedom And much more! You should not expect miracles overnight . Every single divorce, touched by narcissism or not, is a life milestone that is hard to handle. Be easy on yourself as well, and stand strong to your emotions and your needs. As you move forward, take what you have learned from this book and do what is best for you in your life. Want to know more about this book? BUY NOW !
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