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Divine and Dateless by Tara West

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara West Ash MacLeod has to be a good girl if she wants to trade up her dump in purgatory for a high-rise in heaven. If only she wasn't tempted by a sexy grim reaper in tight denim. Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go all the way... FIVE REASONS WHY PURGATORY SUCKS! 1. PMS is just as miserable when you're dead. 2. I can't unsee my grandpa in that leather thong. 3. My dating options have been reduced to a hydrophobic grim reaper with an aversion to commitment, a guy with a hammer stuck in his cranium, and a sadistic drill sergeant with a big whistle and an even bigger ego. 4. I left my battery-operated-boyfriend back on Earth. 5. Demons want to burn my eyes out. Winner of the 2015 eFestival of Words Best Romance PRAISE (or not) FOR DIVINE AND DATELESS ★★★★★ "Warning! Tears of laughter is expected." - Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ "Divine and Dateless is a well crafted, well edited, wonderfully imaginative, fast-paced, full-length standalone supernatural tale filled to the brim with spellbinding fantasy, laugh-out-loud humor, outrageously hilarious characters, a wonderfully unique story arc and sweet, heavenly romance." - Amazon reviewer "★★★★★ For those who watched the food poisoning scene in the movie Bridesmaids and didn't think it was laugh out loud hilarious, this is not your book. For the rest of you, this is a great romp (and no, the book is not consumed with only scatological humor -- it's rich in all kinds.)" ★ "This is a trashy book laced with sex scenes." ★ "The author is either very h*rny or hungry."
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