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Descendant by S.M. Gaither

A Deadly Encounter...A vicious werewolf attack leaves Alex infected, confused, and suddenly surrounded by strangers who all claim they want to help her. All she has to do is decide who to trust. A Dangerous Boy... Kael is infuriating. Arrogant. And entirely too hot for his own good. He also has secrets— and a dark past that could turn her whole world upside down. An Ancient Blood Pact... The only thing keeping the human population safe is the pact. The pact that Alex's grandfather initiated. The one that only she can break. An Impossible Choice... Breaking that pact means igniting war within the shifter world. Refusing to break it may mean losing the most important person in her life. When the moment comes, on whose side will Alex stand? And how much will she be willing to sacrifice? Ready for a heart-stopping urban fantasy adventure full of mystery, magic, and slow-burn romance? One-click today and start reading! — What readers are saying about The Shift Chronicles series… ★★★★★ Wow, this book was amazing!!! I literally could not put it down, I read it in a few hours. ★★★★★ Rarely do I enjoy a young adult series the way I did this one! ★★★★★ Loved it! Great characters and a fast paced read! ★★★★★ This whole series is brilliant. ★★★★★ I wasn't that interested in this series at first....but for some reason I couldn't put it down and now, just finishing the third book...I'm so glad I didn't drop it because AH-MAZING!!!! This was just everything. ★★★★★ I read all four books in like a month. I just could not put it down. It just keeps getting better and better as the books go on. Really good if you like fantasy and action. 100% recommend it. Please note: This is a newly-revised and expanded edition of a previously-released book. Previous editions have already entertained tens of thousands of readers— with over 20,000 copies sold and well over fifteen million pages read throughout the series!