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Confection Connection by Lizz Lund

From the funny author of Kitchen Addiction! AND Christmas Bizarre:5-STAR READER’S FAVORITE REVIEW for CONFECTION CONNECTION: "Lizz Lund uses humor and a delightfully quirky cast of supporting characters to keep Mina hopping from one plot point to the next. I was annoyed every time real life interrupted my reading of Confection Connection. I would have loved to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and a fancy confection loaded with frosting and read Mina’s tale from cover to cover. " Valentine’s Day stinks - literally - after a shift at The Shrimp Shack, getting showered with a vat of marinara and being haunted by a messy ghost. The romance holiday looms large for Mina Kitchen - a forty-something single without a boyfriend in sight, and a catering disorder to beat the band. Everyone else is all set: even her Swiffer-addicted neighbor Vito (the ex-leader of the Moils, the Jewish-Polish Family from Bumville, New Jersey) has a significant other. Who knew? And then there’s her best friend Trixie. She’s got a steady boyfriend, and a full time job with plenty of OT, too. She’s even quit smoking! Except now she’s a jelly junkie. Well, not just jelly - any sweet will do. What’s a girl to do? Set her sights on handsome Chef? Or dare a flirt with juicy James? Who you gonna call? GumBuster! Wait, that’s just one of Mina’s new part time jobs. Romance fills the air (or is that fried chicken?) but dates remain elusive as a series of mysterious thefts rattle the shop owners of Lancaster "Pee-Ay". Can mild-mannered Mina land a full time job, a boyfriend and save Trixie’s waistline without getting konked by some creepy crook? Vinnie, her mini mountain lion-sized cat keeps assuring her everything will turn out fine - but he’s been wrong before. If you're looking for funny novels for women, packed with humor, chatty animals (in the guise of pets) -- and recipes -- read this book. The third book in the witty Mina Kitchen Comedies, Confection Connection is funny fiction with a bit of suspense mixed in. Confection Connection is a cozy comedy mystery packed with laughs, mysterious thefts and a culinary ghost - with a cherry on top - a bonus section of recipes. Set in Lancaster, “Pee-Ay” you’ll discover quirky characters, hysterical dialogue and funny surprises simmering away. Savor it as your new favorite funny read. ˃˃˃ AMAZON "VINE VOICE" -- 5-STAR REVIEW for KITCHEN ADDICTION! "... one very enjoyable madcap adventure. I haven't done a lick of housework all day, and I'm not the least bit repentant. Spending my time with Mina and her entourage was the most fun I've had in quite a while. Scroll up - and get it while it's hot!
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