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Learn How to Stop Controlling Behaviors, Overcome Jealousy in Relationships With Proven Detachment Strategies and Break Free From the Vicious Cycle of Codependency Forever!Are you tired of getting burned in both platonic and romantic relationships because you care too much and are always giving away parts of yourself to other people? Do you struggle with issues of jealousy and possessiveness that are destroying your connection with the people in your life? Ever wondered if your empathetic and caring nature might be doing you more harm than good in your relationships? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you. In this detailed and comprehensive guide, Diletta Chan gives you all the knowledge, resources and tools you need to overcome deep-rooted psychological issues with is at the core of your codependent behavior, as well as a clear roadmap out of codependency and unhealthy attachment habits. Here's a snippet of what you're going to discover in the pages of Codependent No More: The four different types of boundaries every individual possesses and how to protect these boundaries from invasion by manipulative people Surefire signs and symptoms that indicate that you or someone you know might have codependent tendencies An inside look at the mental processes behind the behavior of codependent individual explained in plain English The causes and triggers of codependency in marriage, or marital codependency Foolproof techniques and strategies to help you get rid of codependency forever and develop rock-solid self-esteem and confidence How to form proper and emotionally healthy connections in your relationships and prevent unhealthy emotional attachment Step-by-step instructions to help you kickstart your journey to recovery from codependency ...and much, much more! Even if you've tried in the past to get rid of your codependent tendencies in the past without success, Codependent No More is the only guide you'll ever need to heal from codependent relationships, establish healthy boundaries and eliminate feelings of shame and guilt for good.
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