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This is a story of desperation. Aeron Ironglade was just kicked out of the Wyvern Knight Corps... ...and now he's desperate to rescue Wafer, his bonded wyvern, from a corrupt commander bent on taking revenge on Aeron. But with no money, no power, and no plan, how can Aeron possibly save Wafer from certain demise? Meanwhile, Kent Etheridge is facing desperate choices of his own. Magic is forbidden in Kent's country. Normally that wouldn't be a problem... ...except that Kent is the heir to his father's lordship, and he just manifested magic powers. If Kent can't keep his magic hidden, he'll lose everything. When Kent's traitorous younger brother exposes his magic powers to seize the lordship for himself, Kent is forced to flee his home country. He takes refuge in the rival country of Inoth and soon finds himself face-to-face with its beautiful mage queen... ...a queen who wants him dead. Can Kent convince the queen to trust him despite his previous life? Or will she execute him as an enemy of the state? And when Aeron's plight forces him into Kent's world, will they be able to help each other survive? Dive into this exciting new fantasy world full of twists and mayhem today. Get it now. REVIEWS “In every story he tells, Ben Wolf has a way of drawing you into the world he's created. The Blood Mercenaries series is no exception. It's a perfect blend of peril, death, and humor, and the cast of unique and interesting characters keep you turning pages till the end. A must read!” - Daniel Kuhnley, Author of The Dark Heart Chronicles “These stories took me back to the days of the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels, which I still regard very highly. I MUST know what happens next. Each story leaves you hanging like a season finale. I am certainly looking forward to the rest of this series!” - Chris Hall, Reader “Not only is Ben Wolf handsome, but he’s a damn good writer as well!” - Kirk DouPonce, Reader & Cover Designer
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