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Appointed by Barry Ross

A dark, sleep-robbing thriller in the spirit of Thomas Harris mashed-up with John Irving, and some Mark Twain dragged into the mix for good measure. Addison Bishop, a beautiful, tough detective in Charlotte, North Carolina hunts a serial killer who tortures, rapes, and kills women, seemingly around holidays. She has no idea why he kills, or why he hangs an Appointed toe tag on each victim; he is leaving few clues. Her partners, gigantic Charlotte detective Virgil Peregrine and FBI Special Agent Andrew Spainher pool their singular skills and form a bond that strengthens the group yet brings them no closer to finding the man the media has dubbed The Blue Ridge Ripper, or The Holiday Hacker. Highly educated Addison is scholarly and more like a professor than she is a policewoman. She is analytical and precise. Her partner Virgil is like a bloodhound on a trail. He lets Addison do the analysis while he gets busy hunting down their prey. Spainher brings enthusiasm and energy to the group, including access to the entire FBI law enforcement machine. Seth Morgan committed his first murder when he was twelve, convincing himself that he did it in order to save his life. Now an adult, he realizes that he kills because he enjoys it, yet still seeks justification for his actions. A Charlotte Crime Stopper tip on Halloween night catapults the story headlong towards its thrilling conclusion.
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