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Are you seeking an answer to anxiety in your relationship? Are you unable to live your romantic life without insecurities or doubts? Do you think you are a slave to jealousy or afraid of abandonment? If yes, this is the right book for you!Anxiety is a normal human condition; let’s face it. Love is a tricky thing. You will find many on and offs, misunderstanding, and fights that weaken the relationship’s pillar. It is a perfect time for you to establish a healthy communication and enhance one another’s love. It is difficult to live with anxiety in relationships. It can ruin each relationship you are currently in and cause dramatic breakups that takes long years to recover from. Luckily, you can easily get rid of all that emotional baggage and begin your love life from scratch. This is where this book got you covered. With "ANXIETY IN RELATIONSHIPS: Stop feeling insecure and avoid negative thinking, jealousy, and attachment to your partner. Learn to stabilize relationships and overcome couple conflicts for a happy life" you will learn everything you need to know to prevent anxiety in your relationship. This book covers: ◆ Understanding anxiety ◆ What negative thoughts are ◆ Signs of insecurity ◆ What are jealousy and attachment? ◆ Features of anxious attachment style ◆ Causes of conflicts between couples and how to overcome them …And much more! ♥ Whether you are in a committed relationship or single, you will untangle your anxieties and fears, face them courageously, and let them go. You will also help your partner conquer his or her traumas to enjoy a great relationship. ♥ Click the “BUY NOW” button and finally say goodbye to the past! (: If you prefer a "color reading" click on this link to get the color version of the book: :)
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