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Another Yesterday by Angela Christina Archer

"You never get another yesterday . . ." It's something my mother used to always say, and although I heard the words, I never really knew what they meant. At least not until my life had utterly fallen apart. 1966 ~ Nineteen, alone, and with a baby on her hip, Maggie flees from all she knows. Finding herself in Shadow Brook, a small town off the coast of Maine, Maggie begins to rebuild her life working at an inn, making new friends, and finding love again---something she never believed she ever have. Her only problem is a past she wishes to hide from and keeping secrets that could shatter her daughters world. 1996 ~ Rachel never wanted her mother's life, but after finding her husband in bed with another woman and her mother's untimely death, Rachel finds herself not only back in Shadow Brook, but facing the realization what she thought she never wanted was exactly what she was getting. When Rachel comes across a box of her mother's old journals in the attic, her whole world begins to unravel, and Rachel learns the truth her mother has hidden for thirty years. Two lives. Two Stories. One fateful afternoon family secrets are uncovered from the past.