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An enchanting set of Regency Christmas romances from USA Today bestseller, Wendy Vella. CHRISTMAS WISHES Miss Hero Appleby distrusts noblemen, especially self-indulgent rakes like Lord Caruthers. However she was desperate for money to support her children this Christmas, so it is to him she must go. Perhaps it had been wrong of her to point out his many faults so boldly, but the man drove her to distraction and all thoughts of lady-like behavior disappeared in his infuriating presence. Max didn't remember much of his first meeting with the annoying Miss Appleby, thanks to the after effects of one drink too many. But he vaguely recalled he'd promised her something, just to get her out of his house so he could suffer in peace. Unfortunately peaceful was the last word to describe her as he found out the next day. She was unlike any woman he knew - opinionated and rude certainly, but she worked selflessly to provide for children that were not even of her blood. Max had believed himself incapable of strong emotion yet Hero was changing that belief. Could his long forgotten Christmas wish really come true? THE EARL FROM CHRISTMAS PAST A feisty regency Miss and a cold arrogant Lord. Can a sweet kiss under the mistletoe, and a dangerous secret be enough to rekindle what they once shared? Gabriel Lord Lockhart wants nothing to do with the woman his childhood friend has become. Calculating, and aloof, Maddie’s beauty is now just a façade, and she is nothing like the mouthy hellion he remembers. That was until the day he found her on a dirty street in one of the seediest areas in London, championing children. He soon realizes how wrong he’s been about her, and that the feelings he’d once had for her had grown into something powerful. Now all he has to do is keep her safe! Miss Madeline Spencer loathes society but has promised her parents she will behave so she can keep her freedom. Everything is going to plan until Gabe stomps back into her life. He uncovers her secret, and demands she stop taking risks. She soon realizes that the gentle boy she once loved is now a man with an iron will, but she can’t allow him to deter her from what must be done. Even if it means she can’t be with the man she loves. MISTLETOE AND THE MARQUESS Marriage was something Miss Partridge had hoped to delay indefinitely, but due to her father's reckless behavior she is now expected to save the family from ruin. Determined to have one last night of freedom before marrying a man she detests; Jemma attends a Christmas Masquerade Ball. When a handsome highwayman awakens something inside her, with stolen kisses and whispered promises, she flees, vowing to forget about the man who touched her soul. From the moment the Marquess of Harrington sees the Grecian Goddess enter the ball, he wants her. Harry is not usually one for irrational impulses - indeed his life does not allow for that - but this woman makes him lose all reason. Her touch ignites a fire inside him, and her kisses
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