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Always by Staci Stallings

To the outside world, Taylor Grayson has everything. She’s smart, beautiful, and popular. In fact, her friends all think she flaunts her perfection a little too much. However, Taylor is harboring dark secrets that even her closest friends have never known about. Are those secrets about to catch up with her, and what happens if they do? Greg Everett’s whole life is about to change. Moving to a new town with his two closest buddies from high school, going to college, and getting a job--life seems to be rolling in a good direction. Unfortunately, his love life hasn’t gotten the memo that this is supposed to be a straight forward-march into perfection. Will his friends’ efforts to set him up with Ms. Right prove successful, or will Greg forever live in the shadow of the one that got away? Come along with these friends on this crazy ride called life. Be inspired. Laugh a few laughs. Cry a few tears. One thing’s for sure, you will never forget this emotionally-charged roller coaster ride filled with life, hopes, dreams, imagination, and most especially love. ALWAYS is Book 7 in The Imagination Series by USAToday Best-Selling Christian author, Staci Stallings. Fraught with the trials and turmoil of young love, The Imagination Series will give Christian romance readers the emotional ride of a lifetime. These young adults trying to figure out life and love will have you cheering, laughing, and crying as they traverse what it means to be friends and maybe even more.
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