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A Wicked Duke’s Prize by Henrietta Harding

Rebecca Frampton doesn't take advice or orders. In her 23 years, she's been through countless engagement setups and has somehow wiggled out of each and every one of them, giving her a reputation as a bull-headed beauty. But everything is about to change forever when the Craufords unite with the Framptons with an arranged marriage. After this peculiar turn of events, it seems that Rebecca has no other option but to marry. Surprisingly enough, she finds herself incredibly stricken with her future husband's wit and undeniable beauty. Can a chance at love may finally be within reach for Rebecca? Or will this be another arranged marriage she will get away from? Owen Crauford is furious when he finds out that his father, having lost the family fortune through his own addiction, has decided to gamble away his own son in marriage. The last thing Owen wanted was to marry a stranger, but reality proves him wrong when he meets Rebecca, his fiancée-to-be. Rebecca is many things: funny, witty, and possibly the most dazzling woman he's ever seen. Can this fiery Lady be his true soul mate, despite all odds? Both Owen and Rebecca detest the concept of forced marriage. Throughout endless bickering and a battle that threatens to end the engagement, they find themselves on a strange and bewildering path. Can Rebecca and Owen dismiss their own arrogance and stubborn ways, in pursuit of love? Or will they abandon one another for the sake of their freedom? "A Wicked Duke's Prize" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.