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A Baron Worth Loving by Bridget Barton

Growing up in a family with three older brothers, Nora Pembroke has a wild spirit, hard to tame. The moment she meets her brother’s childhood friend at the ball, the romantic feelings that she had for him start to revive. However, Nora can hardly imagine that the very handsome gentleman would fall in love with her after years of friendship. As if this were not enough, the same night, Gerard witnesses an embarrassing misunderstanding that makes an earthshaking change in Nora’s life. Will she cover up a scandal that might destroy her reputation? Will she manage to win Gerard’s heart, or her only wish to be loved will remain unfulfilled? Lord Gerard Colbourne is a kind and refined Baron. Since his father's death one year ago, he has been responsible for controlling their poor estates and being a guard of his mother and sister. Following his mother's advice to find a bride, Gerard attends a ball that will remain indelibly printed on his mind forever. Much to his surprise, he finds himself into a scheme of a ruse relationship to save his good friend’s younger sister. How far will Gerard go to rescue her? Will he protect Nora only for the sake of friendship, or will he realize that in her eyes, he has found more than what he bargained for? Over the course of their plan, a deep and tender affection is growing between Nora and Gerard. However, a series of unexpected events will lead to a social war between families, and another misunderstanding that threatens to keep them apart. What will Nora and Gerard sacrifice for their love? Will they endure all the obstacles that emerge, or will they be condemned to live in pain forever? "A Baron Worth Loving" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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