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50 Shades of Purple by P. F. McGrail

I'm the monster in your closet. And you've never met a monster like this. When the story titles include Her Lips Weren't Rotten Yet Rat Kisses Your Dreams Taste Like Candy It's Hotter If we Don't Use a Safeword You know this horror collection is going to cross the line. 50 SHADES OF PURPLE is a collection of 57 short stories that range from delightly demented to grotesquely fascinating. Innocent beginnings have salacious twists, and the supernatural monsters are just as likely to seduce you as they are to rip you limb from limb. The constant surprises will keep you on the edge of your seat, devouring your attention as you satisfy your need to unravel each unique mystery. Praise for 50 Shades of Purple "The most incredible horror anthology I've ever read. This is a truly mesmerizing work. The author promises in the foreword that the shifts in tone will be jarring but never dull, and delivers on that immediately with stunning effectiveness." ★★★★★ Review "The author has a fantastic way with words. Each story is funny, scary, sick, twisted, hopeful, horrific or all of above, all at once. If you love horror, this is one I highly recommend." ★★★★★ Review "I loved this book! Not only were the stories well written, it was like a mystery grab bag, where one never knows what will be pulled out next!" ★★★★★ Review Special edition with full page illustrations. The explicit sex and violence in these stories won't hide anything from you, especially when accompanied by original illustrations. This combines with the immersive, realistic writing style to bring even the most incredible situations into vivid detail.
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