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Date: 05/18/2022
Deadly, efficient, focused, and unbelievably resourceful. These are the words used to describe the gameplay style of Ximana Ortiz and her various goddess themed player avatars. Her latest is IMMORtAL_Kalika, an offshoot of the infamous...
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Date: 02/16/2022
Sixty-six million years ago, the Chicxulub asteroid crashed into the Yucatan peninsula. Its heat and dust killed the dinosaurs and most other species on the planet.Based on newly generated NASA measurements and a unique theory,...

Effacement by Hieronymus Hawkes

Date: 11/26/2021
A future where offline privacy is illegal. A lethal plot permanently deleting people in power. One determined genius caught in an assassin’s sights.Dr. Cole Westbay is proud of having helped eliminate crime. Groomed to take...
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Sentinel: Deadmen’s War by Anthony Melchiorri

Date: 07/25/2021
From the ashes of the ancients, a cataclysmic new threat rises.Born on a forsaken desert planet, Cole Shaw has two options - perish from starvation and disease, or enlist in the New World Republic’s armed...
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But Wait, There’s Myrrh by Morgana Best

Date: 02/13/2021
Jennifer Darling is about to go through the change - only it's not the change she expected. Her husband has been playing cat and mouse, and soon Jennifer has a murder to solve. Yet it's...
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$0.99 $4.99
Date: 02/02/2021
Amazon Reviewer - 5 Stars: Fast paced and unputdownable - "I really enjoyed reading this book. I didn't stop reading till the end. I really liked the characters and it's an incredible story. It would...
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Date: 01/27/2021
Since 1947 highly reliable witnesses, including airline pilots, military personnel, astronauts, everyday professionals and children have been witnessing unexplained objects in the world’s skies….Now, Robert Spire is about to be thrust into the rapidly evolving...
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Date: 02/10/2021
5 Stars - Amazon Reader - "Simply Brilliant." "A gripping eco-thriller." Mysterious Whale Deaths... A Quest for Asteroid Fragments... A future Global Disaster... Siberia 1908: A massive explosion occurs above the Tunguska region - known...
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Date: 01/25/2021
5 Stars - Amazon Reader - "A gripping mix of suspense, science and corruption." "A riveting adventure." Two Dead Climatologists...An International Conspiracy...A Looming Global Cataclysm... When eminent climatologist, Dr Dale Stanton - in the process...
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Overdue by Uvi Poznansky

Date: 02/14/2021
From USA Today bestselling author Uvi Poznansky comes a gripping suspense thriller: Ash has a long overdue plan to visit Vlad in UCI Medical Center and learn the secrets of his Russian gang. But during...
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