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Yours for Christmas by Addison Blaire

Her dreams were ripped away. He’s mourning a crippling loss. Could a surprise reunion bring a Christmas miracle? Essie Donovan is ready to move abroad to the mission field. Eager to share the good news in a foreign land, she’s sold nearly everything she owns. But the morning of her flight, she learns that the person planning her trip took all the money and ran. Essie’s left with only the luggage in her hands. Noah Oakes has had the worst year of his life, losing both his parents and brother in a terrible accident. He’s staying strong for the sake of his niece, who he’s now raising in his brother’s former home, but he doesn’t see how either of them will have a good Christmas in the shadow of such a tragedy. When a holiday gathering brings Essie and Noah together, neither can believe their eyes. It has been years since she turned down his marriage proposal. Though she still has feelings for him, Essie thinks running into him was only so she could make things right before leaving the country. Noah never stopped loving her, and he’s determined to win the heart of the woman he’s never been able to forget. Is their faith strong enough to make their mismatched dreams come together, or does God have something else planned?
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